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Our Malachite Marble Silk Cushion caught the eye of Interiors Journalist Amanda Kavanagh and not only was it featured in both the print edition and online edition of the Sunday Independent (Irish) but it accompanied some quotes from our founder & designer Nadia Newton. As Amanda wrote....

"Marble never really goes out of style. It's a material that is synonymous with luxury, quality and timelessness. In the last year, its resurgence as the stoneware of choice has made it - and its prints -ubiquitous in both interiors and fashion, seen on everything from countertops and flooring, to phone covers and gym gear. Lately, and in many 2016 interiors collections, its classic veining has been given a new lease of life with injections of metallics and rich colours."

To read the full ONLINE article click here.

Marble Matters Article featuring Penelope Hope Malachite Marble Cushion Malachite Marble by Penelope Hope featured in Sunday Independent

As quoted by Nadia....

"Our Malachite Marble cushion takes inspiration from the Malachite stone, which is spiritually inviting and which demands respect. Its movement, flow and energy are soothing and welcoming. It would work beautifully in a bedroom on crisp white bedding." 

Malachite Marble Silk Cushion bedroom ideas

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